Feminist Perspectives in Architecture and Spatial Planning

THU. 14.11. – 1:00 – 9:00 pm / FR. 15.11. – 09:15 am – 9:00 pm

The international conference CLAIMING*SPACES. Feminist Perspectives in Architecture and Spatial Planning critiques and refutes still existing, patriarchal power structures in the context of architectural and spatial production, academia, research, planning and design.

On the occasion of the ARCHDIPLOMA exhibition 2019, as well as the celebration of 100 years of women’s admission to study at the Technical University of Vienna, the conference will address the interconnections and dynamics which cause the lack of feminist protagonists and perspectives. The centre of attention thereby lies not only on the hindered career chances of women, but also on recognising and understanding intersectional forms of exclusion. It is crucial to point out that these exclusionary practices are continuously made invisible under the pretext of a self-defined ’neutrality‘
and ‚objectivity‘.

CLAIMING*SPACES therefore deals with the following questions:

• How can different mechanisms of exclusion be uncovered and deconstructed?
• How can feminist architecture/planning/research be brought into the main discourse as a productive implicitness?
• How can discriminating forms of knowledge production and historiography be questioned and done differently?
• How can feminist practices induce much needed changes in planning and building?

With Katharina Bayer (Vienna), Katarina Bonnevier (Stockholm), Hélène Frichot (Stockholm), Ievgeniia Gubkina (Kharkiv), Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (Zürich), Suzana Milevska (Skopje), Petra Petersson (Berlin, Graz), Ingrid Ruudi (Tallinn), Meike Schalk (Stockholm, Munich), Milota Sidorova (Bratislava), Lina Streeruwitz (Vienna) and many more.

We, the collective of CLAIMING*SPACES, invite students, teachers, architects/spatial planners and researchers as well as all who are interested to participate in discussions, lectures and workshops and conceptualize intersectional_feminist positions and tools together, to create different forms of architectural and spatial planning.

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