Field Trip and Workshop in Drosendorf – Stegreifentwerfen 2023
28.4. – 4.5.2023

Cooperation with NULP – National University Lviv Polytechnic (Svitlana Linda, Anja)

The coexistence of humans and non-humans is the focus of this small artistic design studio in Drosendorf. It is about questioning human superiority and it is about the rights of all species beyond utility.
For a long time, rural areas stood for a „natural“ coexistence of humans and non-humans, in contrast to cities. Today, they stand for the capitalist exploitation of animals, the destruction of habitats, decreasing biodiversity through monocultural agriculture, etc.

We will look for examples of living together that we can find in Drosendorf and the surrounding area:

–    pets and wild living animals
–    livestock and hunted animals
–    assistance and therapy animals
–    neozoen, because of climate change and global trade,
–    animals,  who changed their behaviour because of the human-made conditions
–    animals living in air, soil, water
–    animals, who care for our human environment and also the supposedly dirty, ugly and mean.


METAMORPHOSIS. Learning from „The Pedagogy of the Snail” – Eleonora Fanini, Julia Shtets, Lukasz Brierre

• EXCLUSIVE – Isabella Aust, Lisa Marlen Erben, Xavier Gabet, Scheima Kchaou, Yustyna  Pavliuk, Motria-Maria Tyrpych


COME, REST. Collective Castle-surfing in Drosendorf – Maria Fedykiv, Lauren Janko, Clara Kessler, Jan Köppers, Lukas Pielsticker

[WOKE VOGUE – about the dirty, ugly and mean] – Danylo Kopets, Johanna Maierhofer, Jana Shtets, Cosima Sima